1. Living in the Coexistance

    When I see my photographs taken from my camera, I see how my time spent on them. I can tell you what time of the day I shot them and where I shot them. The pattern is fixed. They’re all shot within the walking distance from work and either during my short lunch breaks or after hour before I go home for dinner. It’s just so easy to recognize and almost none of them has anything to do with me actually. They give me a third personal view of the city instead. I took them for a particular reason when I see relationships and appealing qualities in them.

    It’s the first time I perceived myself as a reporter. I shot photos because I had a camera in my hand and I wanted photographs. My mobile photography approach is the complete opposite. I do not anticipate for a photo, boom! There’s the scene, I pull my camera out and get it. They work differently and I see huge distinction between them. It’s welcoming and I think my mobile photography would look really good on a print. I must face the fact they have to coexist.


  2. 2.5 Hours
    It has to be the shortest stay I’ve ever spent in China in my entire life. If it’s not because of Ching Ming, I would not have spent just 2.5 hr in Jiang Men. Well, somehow it’s caused by the odd scheduling by the ferry company. There’s just 1 return trip from Jiang Men at 3:30pm. We arrived almost 12pm and with rides from and to the restaurant and the cemetery. My actual stay was just 2.5 hrs.

    3 hrs later…I was in Hong Kong again. Here I see modern people filled in a prosperous city.


  3. One of Many

    Photography is one common medium to share stories in digital age. Who does not use a smartphone these days in a somewhat modern country? Who does not own a Ricoh GRD if they’re into street photography? Who does not know the magnum photographers? Everyone perceives of the idea of street photography in a very similar way. It’s like all the ingredients are already on the table, it’s up to how the person wants to cook it, plate it, pair it, eat it.


  4. Still Here, Unexpected

    To me this series is a gift, a bonus which I never expected. Perhaps this is the exact intend of photography, the calling of the unexpected? Shall I allow myself a real break or it has already become my life?


  5. The Instant Analog
    Okay. Retro is a big hit in the photography world, even Nikon’s DSLR now becomes a chunky retro machine-gun. We try hard to make our cameras and photographs look retro. How about reversing it?

    I played with a Fuji Instax. The name card sized instant photos rolls out as I hit the shutter release, it immediately becomes a precious memory. It can’t be replicated by our digital gear’s megapixels. I do not think we can compare the two, digital and instant analog together. They’re for different use for and as a user.


  6. Endlessness
    Endless cycle of shooting and wanting to look for better photos.


  7. Crowded Attractions


  8. Run & Play


  9. Casual Life, Casual Eye


  10. The Modern Pinhole
    A good photo is good no matter what camera or how I shot it. It has nothing to do with my love to a particular camera. I walk the same path whether it’s a Nokia or Leica. I like documenting my life as well as others’ in my point of view, and so I shoot.